Spenta Vision ... where great people and innovative technology combine to bring you the best in call centre services.

The call centre business is a people business. And this is where most call centre fail. The constant stream of new joiners coupled with training and managing them is what takes most of the management’s time.

At Spenta Vision, we think long term. So we are very careful in whom we hire and once we find the right candidates, we spend time, money and energy to ensure that they stay committed to their roles.

Further we work with quality technology assets to create a solution that adds long-term value to our clients' businesses.

How can we help you?

It's not just a question; it is our philosophy and the cornerstone of everything we do. Our focus has been to continually find new and better ways to help our clients "make profitable connections with their customers".

We are available full time or as an after hour or overflow call centre service. Whether you need an answering service, inbound and outbound call center service, email or SMS support or online chat, we can help you do it right.

Inbound Call Center Services

In-depth customer support service is available 24 hours per day. 365 days of the year.

Outbound Call Centre Services

We have the ability to call out to existing databases, to new third-party databases, real-time databases that a campaign has created. We have the systems, processes and the expertise to pull off large-scale campaigns and have done big and important campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Promotional and Advertising Response

Our call centre agents can provide short term call centre support for any traditional marketing campaign, product promotion, or direct mailing activity thus enhancing the response and creating a responders database for future promotions Our call centre combines the capability and expertise to provide you with the right solution, taking into full consideration the industry, proposition, timing and target market. We have a much focused list of service offerings primarily specializing in outbound solutions. Spenta Vision enhances your sales and marketing program through an incentive-based, focused telesales effort creating an "Inside Sales" team dedicated to handling all aspects of a multi-channel sales effort including multimedia, direct mail, targeted outbound, Internet and SMS response. We further enhance the sale through creative cross-selling and up selling strategies when required.

Spenta Vision motivates and convinces customers, who may otherwise wish to cancel a product or service, to continue using it. This is accomplished by employing well-trained agents, customized scripted objection handlers and rebuttals, cross-selling and down selling, with extensive quality assurance and monitoring.

Increase your response rate by making follow-up calls on your direct mail campaigns. Our experience has shown a response increase from 30% to 60% by adding our calling service to a typical direct mail program. And before you do a mailing campaign let us save you wasted money and effort by updating your marketing database.

Spenta Vision offers customer service support for products or services. Customers are supported by robust, intelligently scripted questions and answers. Data is captured to provide you with information on marketing, customer profile and frequently asked question distribution. Customer support team gets extensive training on product or services and daily interaction to ensure knowledge and efficiency.

Our call center agents can provide you with valuable marketing and other business intelligence. We can help you take the pulse of current and former customers so you can better focus your objectives or simply build goodwill.